Sobre el Pico y la Crisis del petróleo (en lenguas ibéricas)

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showEstados Unidos alcanza la mayor producción de petróleo en la ... - (Comunicado de prensa) (blog)
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showVéspera de Nada únese á manifestación nacional deste 10 de xuño contra a mina en Touro/O Pino
showPlataforma pola sostibilidade do rural galego ou cabalo de Troia contra o rural?
showA Rede de Decrecemento e o I Congreso de Decrecemento

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showLa bomba fotovoltaica de riqueza
showEnergía en Latinoamérica: cada vez menos para más personas
showEl colapso, según el Primer Ministro de Francia
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showCuba puede servir de ejemplo para afrontar el "peak oil", afirma un antropólogo
showBrace for the oil, food and financial crash of 2018 -- INSURGE intelligence -- Medium
showOil market faces supply crunch within a year, warns HSBC
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About peak oil and oil crisis (in English)


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showStill No Evacuation Plan for Vulnerable Residents at End of Louisiana's Bayou Bridge Pipeline
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showPeak Oil Review 16 July 2018
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showWind Energy Is Getting Cheaper And Cheaper
showOPEC To Rule Oil Markets Till Peak Demand
showKunstler: Twelve Ham Sandwiches with Russian Dressing
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showKnown journalist reported completely incorrect "facts" on the oil field Kirkuk
showSand mining raises emotions
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showUK government warned of, and dismissed, peak oil warning in 2007
showUK DECC acknowledges risk of peak oil
showGovernment to develop Oil Shock Response Plan
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Post-carbon/post-oil transition, re-localization & degrowth

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showTransition Ingredients Cards: in English, Italian and Chinese!
showTransition meets Degrowth on a Caribbean island
showRichard Heinberg on 'America First'.
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showTo Save the World, We Need to Save America First -- with Patriotic Solar
showHurricane Harvey, We Yawn in your Direction
showAt Veep Debate Mike Pence Emerges as the Ted Bundy of Politics

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showA once thriving coal town has turned toxic, and citizens are desperate for help
showThe Soil Solution: 10 Keys
showSolomon Gamboa Leads Indigenous Landscapes Discussion

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showLe moment de vérité (2/2)
showLe moment de vérité (1/2)
showLiberté, Egalité, Responsabilité

Curva de producción de petróleo y curva de la energía neta extraída del petróleo